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For general conference enquiries, please email

For more specific enquiries regarding abstract/paper submission requirements, you are welcome to contact any of the following steering committee members, during business hours.

Dena Fam
Research Consultant, Institute for Sustainable Futures,
University of Technology Sydney, Australia
+61 2 9514 4966

Michelle Graymore
Horsham Campus Research Precinct, University of Ballarat, Australia
+61 417 109 813

Kate Harriden (Co-ordinator)
Principal New Flows Research; Australian National University
+61 2 6100 3608

Kuntala Lahiri-Dutt
Fellow, Resource Management in Asia-Pacific Program,
Australian National University
+61 2 6125 4343

Zoë Sofoulis
Research Fellow, Institute for Culture and Society,
University of Western Sydney, Australia
+61 2 4759 3930